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Starting from the initial phases, special attention is focus on choosing the most suitable and highly performing materials: the knowledge of our expert team, plus continuous research and study of materials, allows us to provide ideal solutions for all clients’ needs, for example:

Brass: thanks to its resistance and malleability, it is traditionally the most widely used material in the sector of accessories. From the brass rod to the finished piece, all processing phases for this material are manufactured in-house by Cobrax Metal Hub.

Zamak: this alloy made of zinc, aluminium, magnesium and copper, stands out because of its exceptional ductility, which makes it easy to process, whilst maintaining its strength and resistance. For this reason, Zamak is ideal to produce several types of items, from small technical components, to leatherware buckles.

Aluminium: this material is lightweight, ductile and malleable, as well as resistant to corrosion; therefore it is recommended as a choice for applications in the leatherware and footwear sector.

Stainless steel: it is particularly resistant to oxidising and corrosion, as well as having a smart appearance: stainless steel is one of the most appreciated materials in the sector of accessories for the luxury world.

Polymeric materials: nylon and techno-polymers are characterised by technical properties, such as high heat, electricity, chemical and wear resistance, and physical features, such as being lightweight and easy to process. These characteristics make polymeric materials a recommended option for both the technical and fashion sector.


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