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“More often than not, consumers do not have clear ideas regarding what can actually be considered sustainable”: read more in this interesting interview on the topic of sustainability and eco-good practices with Marco Bruno, QA Compliance, Sustainability & HSE Group Manager at Riri.

Zips and buttons for high couture on the one hand, on the other side a full schedule of cultural events and exhibitions: Riri Group talks about its partnership with the Teatro dell’Architettura Foundation in Mendrisio.

Nantas Montonati, Sales & Marketing Director for the Riri Group, talks to Hypebeast about the contamination between streetwear, research and innovation.

Luxuriant floral prints and tropic-themed accessories perfectly summaries the tropical trend that continues stronger than ever.

Marco Bruno, QA Compliance, Sustainability & HSE Group Manager at Riri, talks to Vita about the CSR approach, which has now become a key component in corporate governance.

Chequers Capital takes over Riri from Gilde Buy Out Partners. The news breaks on the reputable economic-financial Italian newspaper.

The Journal du Jura takes us to the discovery of Riri Group, with a particular glance at the tradition and the innovation that characterize the entire production of the oldest and most known zippers brand in the world.

The Group grows bigger and stronger, welcoming two new companies in Riri’s family.

A bright start for Riri’s 2018: the Group expands its presence with two important acquisitions.

With a new colorful collection and two investments to increase its production capacity, Riri Group plows in quality and excellence.

Innovation comes through experimentation: Riri Group brings Italcementi’s sustainable concrete to the fashion industry as part of its FW2018/2019 collection.

Riri Group invests in the Supply Chain and increases its production capacity with two important acquisitions.

A multi-brand strategy and dedicated production sites provide concrete added value for customers. Now more than ever, with two more companies entering the Group.

Cobrax, a Riri Group brand, turned forty in 2017 and shows no signs of ageing.

The London-based Ben Crane clothing brand has stayed ahead of the peloton thanks to its techie take on jackets for riders. The Paneled City Cycle jacket has triple-bonded seams and a Riri zip with waterproof guard to keep cyclists dry.

With the F/W 18-19 season, Riri Group ventures into the future with four keywords: innovation, evolution, novelty, creativity… and it keeps growing and inspiring.

Contrasts and harmonisations in shades and materials: the Riri Group collection for the Spring-Summer 2018 season is a symbol of change and revolution.

An interesting interview to Renato Usoni, CEO of Riri Group, to explore the future panorama of the company.

JBF Customs is widely known for giving sneakers a new a whole new look and his latest creation featuring a Riri zipper might be his best to date.

Starting from 9 June 2016 and for the upcoming months, Riri Group, established Swiss zipper manufacturer, will celebrate its 80th anniversary with a series of celebrations.


Italian denim industry battles competition: an interview to Otello Lucietto, country manager of Italy at Cobrax.

Martin Othmar Winterhalter: story of the genius that founded Riri.

Custom Cobrax snaps feature the Eiger WX jacket by Mission Workshop.

Small elements have a particular virtue: the symmetry of beauty can be concealed in the tiniest pieces.

Riri zippers marks KILLSPENCER’s signature exterior vertical zippered pocket.

Riri is the perfect demonstration of how something so small can have a huge influence on our habits, costumes and clothing all around the world.

Excellence is in details, as everybody knows at Riri Group, leading company in the production of zippers and button that has turned 80.

Throughout its long history, Riri Group has been able to embody the bond between technical experimentation and the search for beauty.

Riri Group celebrates its 80th birthday with a new logo and two futuristic buttons made by its Cobrax division

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