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Covid-19 emergency: Riri Group reopens all its plants

29 April 2020

“The reopening of all our factories after the Covid-19 emergency is a fundamental step and a positive sign; it is a way of starting again, stronger than ever, in order to deal with the commitments and challenges awaiting us over the next few months”. These are the words spoken Renato Usoni, CEO of the Riri Group, to announce the reopening of all the company’s production plants.

Starting on April 28, after several weeks in lockdown due to the Covid-19 emergency, all the Group’s premises, from the headquarters in Mendrisio to the plants in Padua, Tirano and Palazzolo, will be resuming production as usual.  “By reopening its plants, Riri wishes to send the whole fashion and technical sector a forward-looking and optimistic message, showing its determination and commitment to restart after such a difficult time”.

The real core of the decision by the Group is first of all protecting its staff; in the words of Renato Usoni: “Human resources are our most important asset, and protecting their health is our top priority. Over the past few weeks we have been actively engaged in making sure that business could start again in total safety, specifically by dividing work into shifts, adjusting spaces to the distances required, providing all our staff with the relevant personal protection equipment, as well as sanitising and disinfectant products. Right from the start of the emergency, Riri has been engaged in encouraging smart-working to the greatest possible extent, and intends to continue along this route in order to make sure that its employees can continue to work in complete safety”.

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