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Sustainable materials

Our commitment shows that even the smallest – though fundamental – details can prove essential in making our future more sustainable.

For us, innovating also means investing in a continuous improvement process, based on constant search for low-impact solutions, identifying alternative materials and production methods with a view to reducing emissions and help us achieve our objectives, towards increasingly ambitious goals. This is why we are especially careful when selecting the materials used to make our accessories, as well as being committed to introducing a wide selection for our customers, where all items are ever mindful of environmental protection.

For each material in our sustainable line we have selected several distinctive features, each of them identified by means of icons whose shape is inspired by a specific leaf, namely “Stephanosma Stenocarpum”, a tropical plant from Tanzania now considered extinct, which for us has become a symbol of environment friendliness.

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Riri is committed to increasing the use of products made using materials from renewable sources and already available in the environment, thus reducing any impact related to CO2 equivalent emissions.

Also with regard to finishing, a topic which might seem hard to associate with the word ‘sustainability’, Riri takes an extremely careful approach, which translates into concrete actions, including the choice of precious metal suppliers who are certified by RJC-COC (Responsible Jewellery Council – Chain Of Custody) and, wherever possible, using no galvanic treatments in the finishing phase.

Following a circularity approach, Riri has set itself the objective of using – wherever possible – the highest possible percentage of recycled materials for its products, including brass and steel; mention should also be made of its use of GRS certified recycled polyester, a production standard for the zip range by now. The use of recycled materials helps substantially reduce the emissions from the purchase of these products.

Zips and buttons are accessories consisting of a large variety of elements, not always easy to separate after the end of a product’s life. The use of mono-material elements guarantees a high recyclability and durability level, also making it easier to remove the various components from garments, facilitating recovery and circularity.

The sustainable line by Riri also includes biodegradable products, which means that they consist of organic materials which can be broken down into simpler substances, using natural microorganisms

Riri supports global independent certifications to make sure that all the elements in its products are in line with environmental protection and human rights standards. All Riri zips and buttons are Oeko-Tex certified, an international system for the control of raw materials, semi-finished and end products in the textile sector.

The Responsible Jewellery Council is an international non-profit organization, whose goal is to ensure a responsible supply chain for precious metals. Riri group collaborates and purchases only precious metals, including gold, silver and palladium, from RJC - COC certified suppliers.

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