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Starting from the client’s concept, Cobrax Metal Hub creates a tailored project, which leads to an outstanding product, designed in all details for the requirements of the luxury sector, with the ability to customise all components.

The strength of Cobrax Metal Hub is its ability to perfectly interpret customer requirements and make them feasible, thanks to its deep-rooted knowledge and to a highly experienced team, ensuring continued support during all process phases: from research on materials, technical solutions and finishes, to prototyping, sampling stage, industrialization, and finally production.

The level of service with Cobrax Metal Hub products is also guaranteed by its focus on quality and punctual lead times.

Research on materials, technical solution and finishes: continuous research on materials and constant innovation of technological processes, allows Cobrax Metal Hub to work in close contact with clients, from the first phases of the project, analysing and researching together solutions which are customised, flexible and suited for their expectations.

To guarantee a unique product, manufactured using a responsible process, Cobrax Metal Hub dedicates particular attention to the search for specialised finishing, in a wide range of materials, from the standard ones, such as brass and bronze, to the most precious, such as gold, silver, ruthenium and palladium.

Cobrax Metal Hub has well-established experience in polishing activities; in the processing of static galvanic finishes and PVD, the latter used for special applications or particular metallic colours; in the manufacturing of shiny, matt, coloured and protective varnishes, as well as of all the finishes derived from vibratory polishing processes, for example antiqued, waxed and burnished.


Prototyping is the first step to transform an idea into an actual project. Starting from a careful study of customers requests, Cobrax Metal Hub uses the most advanced technologies available to rapidly produce its prototypes.


It is during the sampling stage that the end product actually comes to life: after the client has reviewed the prototype, the next step is to fine-tune each component, resulting in the production samples paving the way for the next industrialization and production stages.

Precision, timeliness and flexibility are the key words which characterise this fundamental phase.


The next stage is product industrialisation, taking into account all functional, quality and aesthetic specifications from the client; this entails research and design of the most suitable technologies and processes, before moving on to the production phase.


Our efficient in-house structure, working in close partnership with a supply chain consisting of a selected and loyal base of suppliers, guarantees a production process structured in order to ensure the highest product quality standards, a prompt response to market needs and extreme punctuality in deliveries.


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