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Excellence is in the details, especially in the tiniest: with its headquarters located in the heart of the Tuscan fashion district, Cobrax Metal Hub combines high-quality Made in Italy production with a decade-long tradition and all the precision of the artisan creativity. The new Riri Group company, specialises in the design, development and production of metal components for the luxury and high couture sector, presenting a wide and comprehensive range of accessories intended for the leather, footwear and clothing industries.

Accessories for the leather goods field: luxury, functionality and unique design features: our line of accessories for leatherware includes rings, buckles, snap hooks, loops, eyelets, padlocks and locks, suitable for any customisation requirement, in terms of shape, size and a wide choice of finishing.

Accessories for the footwear sector: with a wide selection of metal components designed specifically for footwear, including ferrule, clamps, buckles, eyelets, loops, and plates, Cobrax Metal Hub is the right answer if you are looking for details that makes a difference.

Accessories for the clothing field: from cord ends to cord locks, as well as cufflinks, buckles, eyelets, loops and plates: the Cobrax Metal Hub collection for the clothing is rich in sophistication and stylish details, intended especially for the luxury sector.


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