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Sustainable products

Riri’s natural predisposition for excellence and deep-rooted awareness of its social role as a company have led to a concrete plan aimed at upgrading its Sustainability performance, structured in a scientific and quantitative way. Thanks to this approach, Riri has achieved several goals at Corporate level and will continue to strive towards increasingly ambitious aims.
The company’s corporate commitment obviously also includes what best represents Riri’s core values: its products.
It is exactly starting from these elements, and striving for “Excellence in Green Details” that Riri has drawn up an official list of selected products enhanced by Sustainability details.

Below is a key as support and complement for the various Product Data Sheets: each symbol stands for a different sustainability aspect which characterises the product.


The most iconic Riri zip, also available with surface finishing produced without any coating treatment and recycled polyester tape.

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The certified sustainable cotton tape and PO finishing combination give the traditional Metal a “green” colour.

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Metal 6 Inox

No surface processing, highly recyclable because of the single metal material of all its components and recycled polyester tape: Inox is the perfect combination of innovation and sustainability.

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The innovative zip with all stainless steel components is also available in the version with certified sustainable cotton tape.

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Simmetrica PO

With its PO finishing and recycled polyester tape, Simmetrica has a stylish appearance as well as being environment friendly.

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Simmetrica PO cotton tape

From the cotton tape to PO finishing: in this version of Simmetrica Riri excellence is present in each detail.

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Solid BL

The distinctive resistance and functionality of Solid are combined with the high recyclability level and the absence of coating treatments.

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Screw jeans button

Single-material (brass), easy to remove and without coating treatments: this is the ideal button for an environment-friendly choice.

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“U” Inox jeans button

Single-material 100% stainless steel jeans button which combined elegance and style, always with an eye to environmental impacts.

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Pressure button made of recycled plastic

Riri’s commitment to sustainability has been turned into a button entirely made of recycled plastic.

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