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Innovate for the future

To us, innovation has always been and remains a core aspect: in the design, quality and functionality of our products but, more importantly, in our efforts to reduce the impact on the environment.

Riri is an example of how even the small, yet essential, parts of the fashion and apparel industry can have a big impact on and contribute to a sustainable future. Our approach to innovation is founded on a continuous and mindful research of low environmental impact materials, aimed at minimizing the use of virgin plastic.

We have always taken into account two main aspects:

The value of circularity

This means that we have to radically rethink today’s economic and social model, paving the way for an essential change: the shift from a linear approach, that some refer to as the ‘take-make-waste’ approach, to circular economy, based on re-using materials and products as well as on regenerating natural systems.

Dealing with the climate change issue

At Riri we are deeply aware of the connection between our industry and the role we play in addressing Climate Change and safeguarding the interests of future generations.

Although it is hard to fathom, we must come to terms with the fact that everything we do has an impact on our carbon emissions: employees getting to work, heating, lighting inside our facilities, potentially inefficient production processes – and the list could go on.

We must start by creating awareness, measuring, analyzing and setting goals for real reductions in our carbon emissions. This is how we will be able to promote an actual culture of change and inspire our employees, suppliers, industry partners and other stakeholders to join us in this transformation.

Riri Group shares its economic, environmental and social performance to illustrate its journey of improvement towards sustainability.
What do we mean by “measuring the impacts”?
The Group shares its economic, environmental and social performance to tell its journey of improvement towards sustainability.
The Group shares its performance and improvements in environmental impacts and tells its journey towards sustainability.
Riri is the first company in the fashion accessories industry to complete its transition towards an exclusive use of recycled polyester for zips’ tapes.
For its tape range, Riri has chosen GOTS-certified organic cotton.
In its 2019 published report, the Riri Group shares its performance levels and environmental impact improvements.
Among the new pieces, 100% stainless steel buttons as well as screw and recycled plastic buttons.
The Nylon zip now has a green outlook.
A brand new stainless steel zipper joins the Metal family.

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