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10 February 2020

Past, present and future meet in the new collection of the Riri Group for the 2021 Spring-Summer season

Performance, challenge and a sustainable approach. The real star item in this collection is the watertight Storm Evo zip, with its high waterproofing and resistance to bad weather performance levels, which make it suitable under the most extreme conditions. On the other hand, the new Mainsail pullers of the coated zips look like hooks; alongside the stainless steel cord-ends and cord rings of the tapes and the new Nylon zips with laser-treated tape, they bring to mind faraway oceans and acquire marine nuances.

A collection that talks about augmented reality, hyper-connectivity and experience technology, where it is possible to experiment with “digital tactility” thanks to metallic, glittering and colour-changing surfaces, as in the new Zip Décor. It is a surreal palette, ranging from light blue and pink pastel hues, as in the new Zip Crystal, to the multi-coloured Nylon zip with sublimated chain, and the evocative transparency of the new tapes.

Alongside recycled polyester tapes there is the new Nylon Zip, also fully recycled, both in its tape and chain. For Metal items, the certified sustainable cotton tape is now available, as well as a new 100% polyamide zip, accompanying the everlasting Inox Zip as part of the list of single-material items which allow for easy disposal and subsequent recycling. The freedom of this collection is expressed as much in the attention to sustainability as in its imperfect aesthetics, in the pride of doing away with established patterns by introducing unusual and bizarre combinations, for example the horn processing of buttons, with resin marble effect and the innovative thinness of the ZS button, which brings together its Zero and FE forerunners in a functionally unique product on the market.

Its rich, full and velvety colours tend to olive green, with hints of burgundy, becoming part of this technique which celebrates the artisan techniques applied to new tactile contrasts in the materials, as in the Nylon 4 two-way open end zip, with the new plastic mobile and fix pins. History is a source of endless inspiration also for the metal processing of pullers and the prints on tapes. This collection is inspired by the fret designs and repeated shapes of the classical world, offering a form of luxury which is classic but never banal.

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