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9 August 2019

Announcing the new version of Aquazip, ideal for the outdoor sector.

Aquatyre is a new interpretation of Aquazip, featuring asymmetrical teeth.
Inspired by the sports world, the shape of the teeth recalls the texture of a tyre. 
It is the ideal zip to add a touch of style to outdoor apparel.


  • family: Aquazip
  • chain dimension: 6 mm
  • executions: GE-TB-TBC
  • chain and tapes colours: all the colours available for Aquazip
  • matching sliders and pullers:
      – Pullers: all the ones available for Décor and Aquazip
      – Body sliders:
        – Locking: 3 piece and GT
        – Non locking: all types
  • slider finishes: all the ones available for Décor and Aquazip
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