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Riri features prominently in the CSR and Social Innovation exhibition at Università Bocconi

16 October 2018

“The challenge in the fashion industry for a more sustainable supply chain” is one of the topics discussed during the CSR and Social Innovation Exhibition which was held at Università Bocconi on the 2nd and 3rd of October.

The presentations focused on the relationship between fashion and sustainability, paying special attention to the development of the industry over the past few years, reviewing its business from an increasingly eco-sustainable perspective as regards the production chain.

Also Riri, firmly convinced that excellence requires attention to the environmental and social impacts all along the production chain, has presented its corporate approach based on quality and a unique value proposition.

Among the achievements mentioned by Riri during its presentation at the Exhibition it is worth mentioning the Corporate Footprint project which, through the monitoring and strategic assessment of water use and carbon dioxide emissions, has led to remarkable improvements of the environmental impact by the group (for more details, please refer to the report 2017: https://www.riri.com/company/ethics-and-sustainability/report/).

In an interview with Amapolà, Marco Bruno – QA Compliance, Corporate Responsability & HSE Group Manager at Riri – outlines the company’s approach to sustainability and the challenges in this regard for the fashion industry.

Watch the video!

The Swiss group, a firm believer in the ongoing optimisation of its performance levels, has also introduced the five improvement areas around which its current Sustainability Action Plan is being implemented:

  • Energy: certified power delivered from renewable sources, monitoring consumptions to reduce the kWh used;
  • Raw materials: analysing the hot spots of strategic raw materials; working on its supply chain through a Sustainable Vendor Rating system (integration of quality management and sustainability); integrating quality management system and sustainability; completing a Life Cycle Assessment on its products;
  • Communication: promoting its responsible commitment through social media, the website and data reporting using acknowledged scientific methods; developing continuous strategic partnerships with schools, targeting today’s young people who will be looking for a job tomorrow, and participating in trade fairs dedicated to divulging topics related to sustainability and environmental protection;
  • Transport: finding more sustainable alternatives and reorganising its supply chain;
  • Packaging: analysing and optimising the various types of packaging from its suppliers, both those for in-house use and those for shipment to customers; the focus is always on the type of materials used, preferably from recycled and renewable certified sources, on the potential for reuse and on the unit weight of the various alternatives available.
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