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What ISPO OPEN INNOVATION revealed about b.Lock

9 November 2017

What can be done with a new technology for buttons that resists the strongest longitudinal tractions? This is the question that several “consumer experts” tried to answer by testing b.Lock, the patented innovation born out of Riri Group and Cobrax that can be applied to any field where the need for functionality meets aesthetic requirements.

For 20 days, testers selected by ISPO OPEN INNOVATION (the cutting-edge platform part of the renowned ISPO network) had the chance to prove b.Lock-fitted items and also discuss possible side uses for b.Lock snap buttons.

The results were unusual and varied, as testers had very creative ideas: the b.Lock was used to pull a car, to fix a bike on a wall or to close a full backpack. A German Police officer used it to keep the pockets of his uniform well closed and the operation equipment well strapped to his body. Moreover, b.Lock proved its strength when used to fix an hammock and, last but not least, a climbing harness.

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