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Amom is a company of the Riri Group specialized in design, development and production of metal components, fashion jewels and embellishments for luxury and high fashion.
Its offices in Badia al Pino, in the Arezzo province, where the whole production process takes place, coupled with more than 60-year expertise, have made Amom a Made in Italy quality guarantee… Or better yet, a Made in Tuscany one.
In the company’s premises, the most state-of-the-art technologies meet artisan creativity and manufacturing meticulousness typical of the Tuscan tradition, to create what will become – literally – small jewels: from choosing the type of product and the most appropriate material, to defining the best shape, decoration and finishing, every piece is unique because it is created and tailored to the client’s specific needs.

Amom’s offer includes:

metal components for footwear and apparel: based on a decades-long experience and thanks to its flexible approach, Amom meets clients’ requests with a 360-degree offer which includes buckles (one of the company’s signature products), rings and brisè rings, loops, locks clasps, chains and a selection of various trimmings. In the making of these items, traditional materials such as brass, steel and aluminum are combined with silver, bronze, stones of every kind, resins and wood, to be then enriched with painting and varnishing which are essential in creating exclusive and elegant details, customized in every aspect.

Furthermore, Amom develops also:

fashion jewels: a specialized division is dedicated exclusively to the design and development of bracelets, earrings, rings, necklaces and every type of ornament. Here, thanks to attention to detail, a high degree of personalization and great care in the selection of the right material, the products become actual handcrafted objects perfectly expressing Riri’s over 80-year “Excellence in details” mission.

embellishments: refined materials, stones and rhinestones, with their many shapes, sizes and colors become sophisticated decorations that enrich shoes, bags and garments, giving them that stylish touch that makes all the difference.

The offer of metal components and embellishments is aimed at the footwear sector – where Amom accessories enhance boots, trainers and jewel sandals –, as well as the fashion clothing.

Amom is also able to develop a wide selection of accessories in all shapes and materials. Just a few examples: exclusive resin jewelry boxes featuring gemstones and refined metal card boxes.

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