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Amom can manage every process in house and, thus, guarantee speed, flexibility, constant monitoring and customer support in every step of production. A great attention to the environment and a tireless research of new technologies are the pillars that allow Amom to carry out all its activities in full compliance with the standards of sustainable development, when it comes to energy and water saving and in terms of circular economy and responsible use of chemicals.

Designing and material research: Amom follows and supports the client from the very beginning, relying on a highly skilled team, that carefully analyses its requirements, and on cutting-edge technologies, looks for the best solution to meet any standard. With an extremely wide offer of materials, ranging from metals to jewels, it can operate in synergy right from the start to define a customized project in every aspect.

prototyping and sampling: starting from the client’s layout, the design team works closely with two in-house modeling units, developing prototypes in record times. At this stage are employed traditional techniques – thanks to a team of master goldsmiths that make their manual skills available, full expression of the Italian know-how – and modern techniques, such as 3D printing and lost wax casting.

Once the prototype is designed and approved, it is then time to refine every component and to create small series. In both phases, precision, speed and flexibility are essential.

industrialization and production: after identifying the technologies and processes most appropriate for the industrialization of items, comes the production stage. Amom is structured in such a way to handle all the phases in house, differentiating it on the basis of accessory type and material: in addition to operations based on machinery and advanced technologies, such as die casting and microcasting, moulding, cutting, welding, lasering and machining center, daily activities such as painting, varnishing, stone setting, rhinestone assembling and wax pre-setting with zircons are carried out, requiring great care and precision.

surface finishings: great attention is paid to finishings. Amom’s greatest asset are two departments, one dedicated to galvanic treatment and one focused on PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) treatments, which allow to create a wide range of finishings in house, meeting any need. An in-house lab supports all surface treatments-related activities.

The same attention is guaranteed in the final stages of labelling and packaging, in which the client receives support to create personalized solutions.

To know closely Amom’s universe and share the passion that since 1960 has characterized it, in the Badia al Pino’s offices there is a big showroom exhibiting over 100,000 pieces, among which stand out thousands of finished products that, through iconic creations, tell the 60-year story of a company that has always worked in the name of Made in Italy’s manufacturing tradition.

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