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Protect natural resources

At Riri, we are deeply aware that our planet’s resources are limited, precious and threatened by humanity itself. We are not only reducing our own consumption but we are working to ensure our industry does the same.

We believe that sustainability can become real only paying close attention to how we make our products, keeping in mind all the stages: design, raw materials, transport, waste management, electricity saving, business trips and employees’ daily commuting.

It is important that we start by acknowledging the way we affect the planet’s resources: Riri’s Corporate Footprint project, through the monitoring and strategic assessment of water use and carbon dioxide emissions, has led to remarkable improvements in terms of lower environmental impact by the Group.

All plants use electricity 100% from renewable sources
The research for sustainable and innovative materials has always been fundamental in the path that guides our group
The use of energy from renewable sources has increased from 47% in 2017 to 99% in 2020
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