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Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics is an expression of the commitments, standards of behaviour and accountability accepted by RIRI directors, employees, co-workers and suppliers as part of their professional duties.

As well as being a further step towards complete achievement of our social and ethical commitment on several levels, this documents outlines in a clear and definitive way the valuable prerequisites which – for more than 80 years now – have guided our way of doing business: safeguarding the environment, fairness, equity and professional care as cornerstones for the approach and way of working of the Group, both in-house and when dealing with independent parties.

As a fundamental tool aimed at officialising already outstanding performances, our Code of Ethics also serves as a compass to guide our future approaches and practices.

Download HERE the Riri Code of Ethics.

Charta della Sicurezza

Riri SA has joined the “Charta della Sicurezza”, a tool developed by Suva, the Swiss National Accident Insurance Fund, which purpose is to make job places safer. In quality of signatories of the Charta, we are committed to ensuring compliance with the safety rules in all places of work.

The principles of the Charta are the following:
STOP in case of danger, eliminate danger, resume work.

Download HERE the Riri Charta della Sicurezza (the Charta is available only in Italian and French).

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