10 May 2023

For Riri, sustainability is also reflected in a rigorous and scientific approach which enables us to comprehensively measure the environmental impact of its products, with the aim of taking improved and meaningful actions.

This is why Riri has chosen to evaluate its accessories through the environmental analysis of their life cycle – LCA (Life Cycle Assessment): an internationally recognised methodology that makes it possible to quantitatively evaluate the potential environmental impacts of a product, service or process throughout its entire life cycle. In this way, Riri will be able to compare products manufactured for the same purpose, improving not only its production processes but also the range of accessories supplied.

Starting from this LCA study, Riri Group will provide a complete picture of its impact, through global vision and continuous improvement. Various activities will then be launched in order to mitigate the impacts of its production and to define an action plan in terms of innovation and eco-design.

Riri is keen to demonstrate that even the smallest items can have a big impact in the fashion industry and can, therefore, contribute to a sustainable future through continuous research and the choice of materials with a low environmental impact.

Download the infographic for full details:

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