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Cobrax Metal Hub: new SS23 collection

28 March 2022

Riri Group presents, alongside its new Spring Summer 2023 collection with a focus on zips and buttons, the restyled metal accessories signed Cobrax Metal Hub.

Combining the high quality of Made in Italy with a decade-long tradition in the creative and artisan sector, CMH presents a wide range of ad-hoc metal accessories and components for the leather goods industry.

Among the items in this collection, it is worth mentioning the innovative lock mechanisms, offering a high level of customisation: each shape, size and surface finishing is totally customisable, to suit individual requirements. There are other locks, this time button-operated, bearing the Riri group logo, inside a decorative pattern produced with a laser deep-marking system. Also noteworthy are the buckles, machined from solid brass, with polished finishing on one side and mirror-polished on the other, both completely handmade. The product offers a harmonious contrast, resulting from the most valuable processing techniques.

This targeted collection is just a sample of what Cobrax Metal Hub is able to produce and convey in terms of pure precision and care for the smallest details.

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