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Traceability and transparency: Riri’s commitment

3 December 2021

For Riri, sustainability and transparency are two closely related concepts: having been a leader in the industry for over 80 years, the Group has always guaranteed traceability and high environmental, ethical and social performances throughout the life cycle of its products.

The commitment to ongoing traceability and transparency has already led Riri to achieving important goals, which include being awarded global independent certifications, such as a ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 for the factory in Padua, and OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100, which respectively ensure that the whole management is in line with major environmental or human right standards, and that none of its products is harmful for humans.

Furthermore, as a company, Riri has become committed to establishing a Code of Ethics aimed at identifying standards for behaviour and accountability to be followed in respect of its assignments, and of MOG 231 (Organisational and Management Model), which consists in a complex system of in-house audits, with a view to preventing illegal actions from being committed on the workplace.

This ongoing effort towards improvement and consolidation is encouraging Riri to set itself new objectives, by investing in two triennial programmes.

The first one is in partnership with Marsh, a global leader in strategic consulting and risk management, aimed at implementing a long-term ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) strategy, which entails a management system for environment, quality, health and safety – to make sure that all the Group’s plants, once the partnership project has been completed, are in line with the certifications which have been awarded.

The second one is in partnership with Mercer, an American consulting company which specialises in well-being on the workplace; it entails a series of activities aimed at promoting equal career opportunities, based on compliance with Diversity, Equity and Inclusion criteria; Riri has chosen to measure the impacts of the selected action by sending progress reports in a transparent and continuing manner, with a view to guaranteeing occasions and career paths aimed at promoting a meritocratic environment and the expression of talent.

To find out more, see the following infographics:

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