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The new Riri Group 2021-22 Fall-Winter collection

12 October 2020

Looking at the new Fall-Winter 2021-2022 collection of the Riri Group, it almost seems as if the difficult months to which the pandemic has forced the whole world, have posed another new – though unwanted – challenge for the Italian-Swiss company. A testbed that sparked the mind and lit the fire of creativity.

The Group’s new collection, more specifically, includes a large number of accessories, designed to meet a wide range of aesthetic and functional requirements on the part of the market: from research on recycled materials with a low environmental impact to technological innovation references, as well as glossy colours and eclectic geometric shapes.

With its division into three macro-topics, this collection is a new chapter in the history of the group:


Keyword: sustainability. Or, more romantically, “Reuse with love”.
From the use of materials produced using organic waste and recycled plastics to actual de-stocking – the re-introduction on the market of unsold items to give them new life through a restyled shape: the topic of “life serving”, for Riri, translates into the meticulous and constant search for materials with a low environmental impact and in the committed attempt to reduce the use of plastic to a minimum.


This is definitely the most rigorous yet progressive section in the collection, drawing on technological innovation and on uncertainties related to the current situation, to play with shapes, colours and materials.
Between zips and buttons there is a prevalence of squared and minimal shapes, also on the tapes of the zips through sublimation and digital printing techniques. The leading colour is grey in its variation of hues, where the insertion of coloured tones sometimes stands out. The leading material, on the other hand, is metal.


A creative topic where “exaggeration” is the keyword, a trend whose style and character somehow remind us of Gen-Z, apart from being especially suitable for outdoors.
“Over shock” uses the hip hop mood and settings of the Nineties, taking them to the extreme, enlarging shapes and focusing on bright and fluorescent colours such as purple, yellow, blue, orange or green.

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