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Riri is a partner of the Teatro dell’architettura foundation in Mendrisio

22 May 2019

Excellence, creativity, technology and love for the region have always been distinctive traits of the Riri Group, an international leader in the production of zips and buttons for high couture. It is exactly the sharing of these values which has led to the partnership between Riri and the Teatro dell’architettura Foudation in Mendrisio, a Ticino association which organises a full calendar of events and exhibitions, as well as promoting scientific research and specialized studies on architecture, art history, town planning, design, civil engineering, fashion and photography.

“This sponsorship further consolidates our relationship with Canton Ticino and, more specifically, with the city of Mendrisio, to which our company has been connected for more than 80 years” – commented Nantas Montonati, Group Sales & Marketing Director for Riri. “We, at Riri, have always been committed to supporting young talents in all its forms and expressions, from fashion to sports, as well as culture. This is why our partnership with a unique foundation such as Teatro dell’architettura, actively committed to training young generations, makes us feel especially proud”.

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