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Eloxal Monocolore

29 August 2018

The Eloxal now also in monochrome version.

The novelties in the Riri group now include Eloxal, the traditional zipper with pre-cut anodized aluminium teeth, now available also in monochrome version, and set to become a key player in the new FW 2019-2020 collection.Eloxal Monocolore undergoes a new anodizing process which allows for a shiny and uniform colour; the palette, apart from the neutral version, includes red, green, black, purple and blue.Another distinguishing feature of this zipper is its light weight, one of the characteristics that has always made zippers in the Eloxal family unique.


  • family: Eloxal
  • chain dimensions: available in the 6 and 8 mm version
  • colours: available in 9 colours
  • executions: GE
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