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Coloured chains

29 August 2018

RIRI presents its new coloured Metal zippers.

The Metal family is proud to introduce innovative metal chains, varnished in a variety of colours from bright red, purple and orange, to the neutral tones of grey and black, as well as soft pink hues. The brass teeth in this chain are applied after having been varnished; they then undergo further processing which gives them a distinctive shine.


  • family: Metal
  • chain dimensions: available in the 6 and 8 mm version
  • chain colours: available in nine colours (2407 red, 2827 green, 2626 blue, 2440 pink, 2425 purple, 2404 orange, 2224 brown, 2110 black, 2103 grey)
  • executions: GE, CK, CD
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