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13 July 2018


The inspiration for the new FW 2019_2020 collection by Riri Group is a result of having observed works of Aldo Tolino. By weaving, creasing and tucking the surface of a paper sheet, the young Austrian artist creates geometric mutations of human portraits. The distortions generate new facial representations, expressions, and personalities, translating the original picture into a manipulated deformity.

The collection for the FW 2019_2020 season is characterised by a palette of sophisticated and eclectic colours, by tasteful and rich hues. Enigmatic violets and carefully reinforced reds are disrupted by flashes of acid green and blue, creating strong colour contrasts

A video with a highly evocative power reveals the multitude of inspirations which have led to producing this collection, accompanying the viewer into the Group’s creative dimension:

The new RIRI Group collection revolves around two antithetic creative concepts: #APPEARANCES and #EVIDENCE.


Our culture, our history, our emotions: all of this gives an outlook on reality which is filtered and mediated, helping us interpret in a subjective way the innumerable signs of which it is made.
As a result, everything we see in this section does not correspond to reality; this is clearly confirmed by the processing on zips and buttons, where unique and evocative use of paints produce different effects with surprising realism. The painting with rubber effect, both shiny and matte, is complemented by processing with a velvet, leather and rust touch effect.
Alongside the traditional acetal resin DECOR zips, we find TOP and SOLID, the historical and elegant die-cast zinc zips.


Even though we know that we cannot change a reality which is imperfect, uncomfortable and often different from the way we would like it, we rely on our intellectual and emotional skills to shape and manipulate it, decomposing and reconstructing it as we wish.
Creativity as ability to provide solutions. It allows us to leave our comfort zone to design systems and experiences which are able to engage and inspire new points of view.
It all starts from research and the use of natural materials such as olive wood, leather and real horn which compose and decorate buttons and pullers, reaching such an extreme level of creativity as to become almost a provocation.
The METAL zip reigns, appearing in three precious galvanic finishings, i.e. amber gold, clear gold and deep-coloured aged gold.
Among new products it is worth mentioning ELOXAL MONOCOLORE, the traditional lightweight zip with aluminium teeth which can be colored using a new anodizing process which results in a bright and uniform colour.
And for the first time sliders and buttons are turned from mere functional elements into unique and valuable style details.

Riri will showcase its collection at the most important exhibitions in the industry: Munich Fabric Start (4/5/6 September) and Première Vision Paris (19/20/21 September).

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