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Riri Group presents its new corporate video

6 March 2018

Oscar Wilde once wrote: “I am always astonishing myself. It is the only thing that makes life worth living”. The brand-new corporate video presented by Riri Group is a window open on that wonder, a veritable journey to discover what has been inspiring the company for more than 80 years and led it to becoming the first one to start the zipper industrialization and to sign original and cutting-edge creations, many of which are patented.

You will plunge in a tale of passion, intuition and beauty which skilfully weaves together care and talent, functionality and aesthetics, innovation and craftsmanship. The Group tells the story of ideas becoming objects through a creative process that starts from the cities of its production sites and ends up inside the company, where the treasure of expertise and technologies is safeguarded and enhanced by the hands of quality masters.

Geographical, architectural and artistic elements characterising these cities are not only sources of inspirations and aspirations but also a natural call to harmony, shapes and colours. Products and territories are involved in a long-standing relationship where architectural beauties always inspire creativity.

The curtains are thus open on the Group’s two souls: Swiss-made precision and Italian design. Now, you just need to sit and enjoy the show.

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