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The new Riri Group SS19 Collection

19 January 2018


Light, with its multitude of nuances, symbolic values and meanings.

It is thanks to light that the invisible becomes visible: however – paradoxically – if it is too intense it becomes almost blinding, to the extent of making it impossible for us to really see.

Sunlight is colourless, but – if it shines through a prism – it breaks down into several colours.
This collection will represent twenty-four hours of light through shapes, colours and feelings, to discover what is around us, to find a fragment of the universe within us.

Our collection for the SS 2019 season is very colourful. Thirty different colours have been selected, and all those chosen for this season clearly tend towards warm hues.
Among many possible combinations, the three primary colours – yellow, red and blue – have been matched following a single-colour pattern: combining light-coloured, medium or dark shades of the same colour produces very attractive results, with a smartly essential outcome.

The new Riri collection revolves around three creative concepts which explore the world of light and its multiple interpretations: RISE, ZENITH and SHADOWS.


A new classic dimension which combines minimalism concepts with others more related to research and experimentation. A very intellectual approach, geared towards the study and analysis of structures around us. The surface treatments are valuable and enhanced, in order to suggest a whispered luxury dimension, where also the plainest shapes have small details on the surface which make them distinctive and unique. This classic look is also highlighted by the colour choices, whose main interpretation key is revealed by their neutral tones.


An urban crossroads becomes the perfect inspiration to evoke a metropolitan scene. Meetings and contaminations of styles and lives, as well as different personalities and temperaments. What seems to dominate is anarchy, characterized by a strongly defiant spirit. Adhesive tape is the absolute protagonist. Colourful, vibrant and rich. Our colour palette starts from the elements surrounding our cities, including road signs, buildings, faces and architecture.


Night in the metropolis, with its shows of light, inspires our imagery. Delving fully into an almost parallel dimension, nocturnal and virtual, sometimes with indefinite and unearthly elements. Moving in the dark and half-light, following intermittent lights and neon flashes.
Eccentric and technical, virtual and real: a mix of worlds and opposites attracting and affecting each other. A palette full of unexpected and charming colours. The dominant hues are purplish and nocturnal, with colourful black, light pink and very deep ultramarine blue combinations.

Riri will showcase its collection at the most important exhibitions in the industry: Munich Fabric Start (30 January/ 1 February) and Première Vision Paris (13/14/15 February).

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