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Territory and culture feature prominently in the new Riri Group Video

19 January 2018

There is a magical alchemy between Riri Group’s companies and the territories they are located in, a deep dialogue that constantly feeds mutual exchange. This is one of the major concepts hidden behind the brand-new corporate video that will be released soon.

With its lively and compelling rhythm, this video is a real tribute to this deep-rooted connection and bears witness, in a truly masterful way, to the special interest paid by the Group to the artistic and cultural heritage of the cities where its companies are based. The extraordinary precision and impeccable style that characterise the local historic architecture are the same that come alive in the creations of the Group’s brands, the result of meticulous attention to quality and details.

It is exactly this strong connection to the beauty of art and the value of culture that has led the Riri Group to make a donation for the restoration of two fifteenth-century frescoes kept in the Basilica of Padua, and to highlight, as part of the same video, the composition harmony of the Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio.

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