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10 July 2017

With the FW 18/19 season, Riri Group ventures into the future with four keywords: innovation, evolution, novelty, creativity.
Whereas the modern age is increasingly connected to the touch screen, to swiping smartphones, tablets and surfaces without imperfections, Riri has decided to search for more tactile materials, shapes and fabrics which feel more concrete and natural.

Riri presents its collection in the most important European events for the industry: Munich Fabric Start (5/6/7 September 2017 – H2/A02), Première Vision Paris (19/20/21 September 2017 – H4/G35-H34) and Lineapelle Milan (4/5/6 October 2017 – H22/D25-27).

Highlights from RIRI FW 18/19 collection

The new Riri collection focuses on two main topics: ORIGINS and EASTWILD.


Uncontaminated areas like the lands of Iceland, where essential and warm interiors perfectly mix with the surrounding landscape. The aged silvers merge with transparent and brilliant lacquer working with technique cattedrale. Metal becomes redder.

Surfaces are enhanced and naturally polished elements become slightly opaque. Pullers and buttons are coated in hot-printed and moulded leather and the edges are coloured.

Aesthetic elements fit into an increasingly eco-sustainable approach and buttons and pullers covered in biodynamic cement. The “organic” component is a result of the photo-catalytic properties of the new cement, thanks to the TX Active® principle patented by Italcementi: in direct sunlight, the active principle contained in the material “captures” certain pollutants present in the air and converts them into inert salts, helping to purify the atmosphere from smog.


Look to the east for inspiration and immerse yourself in unusual sceneries with an ethnic taste even in wintertime. The immense landscapes and valleys in central Asia with their populations, customs and traditions.

Finishings of the components become irregular, recreating lived-in appearances, painted parts look well-worn thanks to special brushing techniques.

Mountain excursions influence materials and technical details. Their sporty spirit preserve nomadic traits and an ethnic flavour. An explosion of colours goes together with experimental and bold features. Metals are painted.

Valuable details such as satin and embroideries merge and mix with raw and more artisan materials, and buttons are covered in Lurex, three-dimensional graphics and brushed finishings.

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