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OVERSIZE, or “Let’s think big”

27 October 2016

Zippers and buttons claim a spot in the limelight: sizes grow exponentially, creating accessories which characterize the style of the garments onto which they are fitted.

The Metal line is always trendy: an ideal choice for handicraft enthusiasts; it has reached a considerable scale and now includes technical materials such as real carbon fiber and polyurethane to cover sizes 8 and 10. Sportswear is the natural setting for these products with a high technical coefficient, which still follow cutting-edge trends acknowledging “contamination” between sport and fashion. That’s why Riri focuses on colors: the zip sliders are brightened by varnishing and contrast galvanized finishing; the chains come in multicolor variations.

Proportion and color games appear also in the buttons: for both pressure and jeans buttons the watchword is: shine. TRA-IN, the side-sliding button, has been restyled and acquired bright hues including orange, green and violet – three of its endless customization possibilities. The ZERO series has become super-slim, with matt and stylish finishes.
Last but not least, the F line with its new polyurethane and leather bombée shape, using ton-sur-ton to match the zipper with striped coloring.

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