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The virtues of the elements, the excellence of details

14 September 2016

Small elements have a particular virtue: the symmetry of beauty can be concealed in the tiniest pieces. There is a very close relationship between them, as their encounter gives rise to perfection. This is how a zipper comes to life: its teeth come together in a refined play of interlocking to create a true concentration of technical research and passion for design. In its long history, Riri Group has always embodied the link between technical experimentation, aimed at creating the perfect functionality of the details, and the pursuit of beauty, which can be seen in the harmony of the forms. 2016 marks the 80th anniversary of Riri, a world leader in the production of zippers and buttons, and this important milestone will be celebrated with a new logo and a new promise: to create excellence by pursuing perfection in the details.

It is a change of pace that identifies an even stronger brand promise that creates a bridge between an illustrious past and an innovative future. This concrete change takes advantage of the 80th anniversary to carry out an immediate and effective revival of the values distinguishing the company in the creation of its products, which are little jewels of functionality.

So, in addition to celebrating such an important event with the creation of a visual concept for the commemorative logo, a pay-off has been designed. It will accompany Riri in the upcoming years, well beyond the anniversary, for a fresh start focussed on two core values:
excellence and detail.


Eighty years from its establishment, Riri remains the most reliable and solid partner to embed creativity and beauty in details that are absolutely unique.

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